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The gay community is real small so maybe make friends with gay couples and have them introduce you to folks. You an get the Alaska background check are they actually a cool person and then look any potentials up on court veiw. I have gone with them to Mad Myrna's though.

It's not particularly fancy or anything, but it's not a dive. Then again whenever I go it's to drink with my friends or catch a show, it's not to meet anyone. The bar itself is clean enough and it looks like they do try, but it doesn't feel like they have a ton of money for improvements to make it a place like the Williwaw or some of the nicer bars in town. That's good to know. I'm seriously not their type, but if anyone asks I'll know to warn them in case that's not their thing. There is a gay friendly running group that meets at Westchester Lagoon at 6: Most are in commited relationships but maybe that is a good place to make friends.

My advice is to avoid the digital platforms here all together.

Anchorage Gay Personals

I can't believe that people are so stupid here. In fact, per capita we have the highest rate of STD in the country! The whole country! No matter where you meet someone, ask for a current test. And always volunteer to get tested for their sake too. He bad-mouths the Anchorage gay community, I ask a relevant question.

Those are pretty damn shallow reasons for rejecting a possible relationship.

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I would agree that drug users are people to stay away from, but come on. He very much sounded like he was looking for a likeminded friend, not a one night stand.

Gay dating in Anchorage alaska for people who dont want hIV? : alaska

If that is the case, I reiterate: He may or may not be looking for a hookup, but I would think that just about everyone would like to eventually get intimate with a partner. HIV status can really put a hold on that, even for straight couples. That's your opinion. If those are deal breakers for someone, which is a valid view, it is rude for you to call them shallow.

Gay Dating in Anchorage: Your Perfect Spot

People have a right to be shallow in dating. Forcing a date with someone that doesn't cause a tingle is rude to them and a waste of your time.

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There are more important things, for sure, but no tingle is bad place to start. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. There are hundreds of gay singles at our dating website, and there's definitely a wide choice for anyone who wants to go out for a nice date or enjoy more in Anchorage.

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